Monday, November 28, 2011

New York....New York

For my birthday my parents sent me to New York City with my brother and my dad's youngest sister Traci and her husband. Let's just say that I want to go back and do it all over again. If I made enough money and wouldn't get homesick I would move to New York City. It was magical and wonderful and just like the movies.

I got to experience everything. I don't think I can pick out a favorite part of NYC. But if I had to it would have to be Lady Liberty. She is beautiful and stands for so much that I didn't even know about.
On Wednesday our plane landed right on time. I am a bit of a control freak when it comes to a lot of things.... well everything. So our plane landing right on time just put my nerves to rest. As soon as I got off the plane my phone buzzed and my Aunt and Uncles plane was delayed in Dallas and Justin and I would get the pleasure of sitting in the airport for 2.5 hours. Not too bad if you DO NOT do like us and go get your luggage. Justin and I went and got our luggage and then realized that we couldn't go back into the airport area. DANG IT! Thank goodness for Netflix on my Iphone. At 2:30 they pulled up in a taxi and we were on our way to NYC!
My aunt had to leave us to go to a conference so we went walking around the city. The apartment is right across the street from Julliard. Just a few blocks from Central Park and not too far from Columbus Circle. We walked all over the place and stopped to get some NYC Pizza Pie. It was just as good as everyone thinks.

Thursday was our Statue of Liberty and Eilis Island day. It was a blast. We rode the subway all the up to the Ferry and went on our way. The museum that is at the bottom on SoL was closed for renovation so that was a bummer. But on the bright side we were able to go on and not spend so much time on these islands. Since SoL didn't take too long we were able to walk around Wall Street for some of the day. We walked right into Occupy Wall Street. This was an experience. Tents everywhere, people screaming everywhere, 99% signs everywhere. I did not partake in this OWS movement but I did get some pictures. I'll post those on facebook! We also go to see the Wall Street Bull. Being the financial nerd I am I had to get a picture. Since we had so much time left on Thursday we were able to go ahead and do more! We went to Top of the Rock. This place had amazing views. It is on top of Rockefeller Plaza and you can see everything. Central Park, Chrysler Building, Empire State Building, Met Life Building, Helmsley Building.... you get the point. We were able to eat some good Hong Kong Chinese food on Thursday. It was amazing.

Friday was a day. I don't really even remember what we did on Friday except for the fact that we did go see Wicked. That is really all I need to remember because there are no words to describe that play! To say it was amazing would be an understatement. We were also able to see the MET. HOLY HANNAH that place was huge. The next NYC trip I take there will be a whole day dedicated to the MET.

Saturday was also a busy day. We saw everything and anything there was too see. We were able to go the Empire State Building. (Yes I did sing Empire State of Mind the whole time I was in New York) That was the hottest place EVER! The sun was shining right into the windows that we were standing by to go up the elevator. Death. The views at the Empire were amazing. We were on the 102nd floor. You could see past the harbor onto the ocean. It was insane. The Brooklyn Bridge was in the distance.
We stumbled on a Christmas Market. I am not sure that is what it is called in the middle of November but it had great eats and good shopping. It also had an ice skating rink. It was fun.

My favorite part of Saturday was eating at City Bakery. This place was packed with so many people. I was trying to get in as my aunt was pulling my arm and I kept bumping into this man. In my head I was cursing him and just wanted him to stop moving. He didn't but I did. My Aunt grabbed my arm and gave "the look" so I looked back at the man to apologize for not stopping and cursing him in my head. I looked straight into these amazing blue eyes and realized that the man I was cursing was Jake Gyllenhaal. I was speechless. For the first time ever I couldn't speak! All I did was look at him and turn 1000 colors of red. Blushing and embarrassed. I didn't even get a picture but he did say excuse me. After I came too I thought about running after him to get a picture but... I didn't. I think he is probably trying to find me on facebook or twitter. I just know he is.

They were in the process of putting up Christmas in the city and I would love to see that.

NYC was a blast and we are already planning a trip back.... this time to run the NYC Marathon. I cannot wait to run it.

More pictures coming to facebook soon!!

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