Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summer Fun

Even if you do have a job you are still able to have some summer fun!

The group at Jimmy Buffett

Me and Mom at Jimmy Buffett

Amanda came to visit!!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Circle of Life

As you sit back and enjoy life there is that time you forget that it is ending. With every breath we take we are closer to it. The past week has been a little hard. My Papa had a stroke on Monday morning. It has been a really rough 3 days. It is slowly ending. His life, his pain, his aggravations, him being worried it is all slowly ending. Over the past year we have all know this was going to come. Each time we "prepared" ourselves for the worst. You never now what it is like until it happens. The moment you run out of tears from hearing your grandmother tell her husband of 60 years "I love you" and "Goodbye" for the possible last time as he lays there unresponsive to her and everything around her, that is the moment you realize your life is about to change, her life is about to change. I remember that there is a bigger person, a bigger power that takes this on. I have to tell myself that God is there and it is through Him that we are alive, forgiven. He is our rock and salvation. We are to call upon him. He has gotten me through this. He will get me through what there is to come.
As Papa Bill's time comes near an end, I think of the things that are amazing about him and the so many memories that we will always have of him! Here are just a few to share-
-He always had a Passion for golf. Golf will forever be a sport I hold true and dear to my heart. He loved to play and everyone at YCGC will miss him dearly.
-Until Monday, he was always feeding somethings, it could be a cat, dog, bird, turtle, rabbit, anything... his love for all living thingswas amazing.
-He is the most patient man I know. He would never get angry until the last possible second. He was so calm all the time.
-He had a heart of gold. He loved everyone so much and knew the right words to say to cheer you up. My brother takes after him for this.
-His tomato plants always over produced! That man would have more tomatoes then anyone I know. He ate one with every meal. Just make sure there was salt and pepper.
-Every valentines day since I can remember he would buy me candies. Caramel, chocolate, pecans! They were the best. This past valentines day we sat down with a glass of milk and ate them together with my Mom and Barbara! They were so good and I will love those Millionaire candies so much!
-Jello, When I was little and sick he would be my babysitter when I couldn't go to school. He would always make Jello and we would eat it together as a snack in the afternoon!
There are so many other memories! Those are just a few!
Sorry for the downer post but thank you to everyone that has prayed for us over the past 5 years. It has been an amazing 23 years with him and I can't wait to walk with him again.
Love ya'll so much!